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My coworker (of the muffin man incident) went to gas up her car. The station was quite busy with lines at every pump. After a few minutes she realized the guy in front of her was not pumping gas. When he got out of his car and proceeded to wash his windows she recognized him as The Farter. She waited while he washed his windows, but when he started washing the body of the car with the little gas station squeegee, she decided he needed some incentive to move on.

She asked him to please move so she could get gas. He didn't respond. Another lady seconded her request. Then a man stepped in and told him he needed to get his car out of the way. Finally the guy got in his car and moved it a tiny bit forward; not enough for any one else to use the pump. The other lady said, "What's he doing? Why isn't he moving his car?" Loud enough for the Farter to hear, my friend said, "Because he's an asshole."

The Farter finally spoke up and defended himself: "Actually I'm from very good stock."

What? Livestock?

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