I'm back @ the library

Hey ya'll! I'm back! No more pregnant belly to invite unwanted advice, comments, and observations from the crazies. Now I have the huge lactating boobs to attract attention. Oh well. At least people don't feel like it's acceptable to comment on that. (Yet.)

My first day back we had to call the police because some guy threw another guy and his bike into the pond and then ran away really fast. yah, I'm not sure what that was about.

My subsequent working days have been spent at a brand new branch in a low-key suburban community where the kids actually say "please" and "no thank you". It's refreshing, but it also means I don't have as many stories. It's a trade off, I guess. The commute is shorter too, so I like that.

In honor of my return, I have created a gallery of @ the library themed products over on Zazzle.com. Click on the link at the right to browse. Buy something to reward yourself after a hard day dealing with the crazies or to make a co-worker laugh (assuming you have co-workers who know how to laugh.)

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