Continental Divide

After a long, arduous exchange with an Asian lady who spoke very little English, the next patron in line said, "Do you mind if I ask what nationality she was?" [Why she thought I would know is beyond me.]

"I don't really know."

"Oh well, I am just trying to learn how to tell the difference between Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean, and I was wondering if I got it right."


Mob Mentality

It's officially summer and the kids don't have enough to do. A group of about twenty 12 to 14 year old boys just stormed the front door of the library chanting loudly "Skate or die! Skate or die!" They were too tentative in their revolution and the flames of resistance never even made it past the gates before the little refernce librarians had shushed them and herded them back outside.

Aaahhh, summer...


The meds are messing with my brain!

Some guy came and requested two books: POD and Merrick. (That would be The PDR and the Merck Manual.)

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