live spell checker @ the library

I was showing a lady how to use the OPACs. She wanted books on Italian art. Eventually she suggested searching for the Sistine Chapel. So I type it in.

her: "X"
me: "what?"
her: "It should have an 'x'"
me: "where?"
her: "s-i-x.."
me: "um, I'm pretty sure it's spelled with an 's'"

I love having people watch me type.

i love the easy questions

Problem: "The computer won't take my card!"

Solution: "That's your Hollywood Video card."

I almost felt bad pointing that out.


Oddities from my day @ the library

"I need phonics tapes." I give her a Hooked on Phonics kit with flash cards, cassettes, some little book, etc. "It's not a video. Is this good for a four year old?"

Same lady (a really annoying grandparent reader) was very impressed with her volunteer status and even though she kept asking me for help for every little thing she wanted, she would butt in to answer any time someone else asked me a question. Um, OK, lady. Then she went for a walk around the neighborhood (yes, outside) in the volunteer apron claiming it was "good advertisement." Lordy, don't give that lady an official badge!

Another lady asked for a world history book. The broader the question, the more difficult it is to find an answer. She didn't have any idea what time period or region her son was studying. Just "world history". Do you want to take the whole encyclopedia set? I found a one-volume encyclopedia type book and felt like I had accomplished something. Hope it helps.

Apparently a PE teacher in a local school has assigned a paper on a non-traditional game. What the heck is a non-traditional game??? My guesses: extreme sports, competitive eating, ? Some kid chose dog sledding, but isn't that a traditional game in its country of origin? We finally concluded that the teacher meant NOT baseball, basketball, soccer, football...that kind of thing. That is a very poorly designed assignment: the bane of the librarian's existence.

Another guy asked for a book on Texas real estate law. We are located in California. Struck out there.

Maybe it was just me, but those were frustrating questions.


beautify yourself @ the library

A grungy looking man came into the children's library yesterday. He asked if we had a pair of scissors he could use to trim his hair. My coworker wisely told him we didn't have any for that purpose.

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