Book hunting @ the library

As any user of public libraries knows, books are not always where they should be. I was once again (for like the third time since I got here today) helping someone locate a book in the young adult section. I looked where it should be, I looked where it might be, I looked in the adult fiction, and finally gave up and told the young couple I would request the book from another library. They said that was fine, and as we were walking away, the boy said, "Here it is!" and pulled it from a totally random spot on the shelf.

So weird.

Old man wisdom @ the library

An old man looked at my coworker and then at me. We both asked if we could help him. He chose me to trust with his request for a particular tax form. When my coworker walked away, he said he picked me because I was younger and he thought I would know more. The irony is that I could not find what he was looking for and had to ask my coworker to help me. Of all times to get lost on IRS.gov...I couldn't even validate his logic.

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