time away from the insane @ the library

Well folks, I just wanted to let you know that I probably won't have anything to post here for awhile unless a good story comes via my coworkers. I'm taking off an unspecified amount of time from work because I have a baby on the way. I'm very relieved not to be there right now. The crazy people just have no sense of proper boundaries and had become increasingly intrusive in their questions about my pregnancy.

The worst are the creapy middle-aged guys. They absolutely do not know when to stop. One guy would not leave me alone. In an attempt to justify his noseyness he said "I know how exciting it is. I'm an uncle." Yah, right dude. That makes it ALL better. Eww.

Then there was the lady who called me "Big Mama." Thanks.

And the other lady who kept yelling questions across the lobby at me while I was trying to help another customer. "You didn't tell me you were having a baby!!" I didn't know I was supposed to tell you, weirdo. (I only remember having one prior conversation with that woman and it was about the copy machine.) Then a few months later she accosted me again. She said "Do you know if you're having a baby?" Before I could unleash the sarcasm she corrected herself: "I mean 'boy or girl'?" Gah.

Anyway. At least I won't have to take the baby in there to have him/her subjected to who knows what. I hear the intrusions only get worse once there is an actual little person to touch and cough on and offer unsolicited advice about.

This post sounds really grumpy. Oh well. I'm just happy to be home for now.


calling your ride @ the library

A pre-teen girl asked if she could call her mom to get a ride home. I said she could use our phone for that purpose, but we dial. She launched into some convoluted explanation about how her mom doesn't answer her phone if she doesn't know who is calling, so we would have to call her three times in a row before she would answer. Can anyone say "paranoia"?

You know, if you drop your kid off at the library with no cell phone or pre-arranged meeting time, why would you make it exceptionally difficult for them to contact you? I do not understand people. Then again, I can't imagine leaving my pre-teen kid alone at the library, but people do it all the time.

P.S. I have the phone number written down since I had to keep dialing it. I should start a mass calling spree of people all over the country calling the paranoid lady three times in a row. Now THAT would be funny. (but oh, so wrong, of course. No, I'm not actually going to tell you the number.)


YouTube @ the library

This guy identifies the Library Seven Dwarfs: Homeless, Sleezy, Sleepy, Druggie, Drunky, Creepy and Perv.

And is this one supposed to be cool? What's with the librarian casting flirtatious glances at the very young and very old men between the stacks? It looks more like the average male library patron's dreams than reality. Any female who has worked in a library for any length of time knows better than to make that sort of eye contact.

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