Was the Holy Grail @ the library?

so I have have to send you this before I forget. I was just helping [the Conspiracy Theorist] schedule a computer. He was in a super bad mood and was all disgruntled over something and saying stuff under his breath. I didn't ask what his deal was and just kept scheduling a computer for him. And of course he had a stack of papers with him. He had placed them on counter and at one point hit them with his fist and said "I had just found the Holy Grail and he TOOK it away from me!" I was trying so hard not to laugh at him. Damn, I wonder who has the Grail now. I hope it hasn't fallen into the wrong hands!

From my library liason keeping me updated and entertained while I'm gone.

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Should've replied, "Yeah, that Doctor Jones got me too." Because there's never a bad time for an Indiana Jones reference.

Course, you could've also done Monty Python & The Holy Grail.
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