where to get high @ the library

Yesterday a lady knocked on the staff room door to tell a coworker that there was a man in the women's restroom smoking pot. My coworker went in there and asked the person (who was in a stall) if they were smoking (No.) Then she said, "Are you a man?" (yes.) She asked him why he was in the women's restroom and he told her he needed to use the toilet really fast and the men's room was occupied.

Oh, and he *was* smoking pot. That much was clearly evident by the scent. My coworker went to get a manager and the perp escaped, so we weren't able to put a face with the smell.

You may think I'm crazy, but after checking your blog off and on for about a year now, I finally wanted to write to say that I envy you. I used to work in a library at my university (not actually for the library though, just shared an office there). I miss it. The librarians were always interesting in a good way ... and the patrons were always interesting in a random way.

The place I work at now is soooo boring. :-( The occasional deranged potsmoker would help out a lot, I'm sure.
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