More therapy @ your library

At the same time I was helping the 2.5 cent haggler (below), I was also attempting to help an older lady: 1. learn how to use the microfilm reader, 2. locate two specific items in the paper, and 3. print them out. This is much more complicated than you might imagine. She didn't want to buy a full-value print card either because she only needed to print out 2 pages. (She ended up printing 10.)

She finally located the first item and I showed her how to center it and print it. She was unhappy because the date of the newspaper did not show in the print out, so then I had to try to convince her that it would be physically impossible to do that because of the size of the newspaper, and the size of the printer paper.

So then she located the next item and I was helping her position that one for printing as well, when I noticed that she had started crying...quite a lot. We were looking at a picture from 1956 that was of her deceased father. I printed out the first one. Too dark. I lightened it. Still too dark. I lightened it some more. The final closing announcement went off. I told her to print out the remaining 6 copies she wanted--all she had to do was push the green button--while I shut down the computers. I looked up to see my coworker returning from locking the front door. crap. I looked over at the crying old lady. She was just sitting there with her hands in her lap. I asked her what she was doing and told her we were closed and she said, "Well I was waiting for you to finish printing them for me." crappity crap.

There are only so many episodes a person can deal with concurrently, you know?

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