Getting ripped off @ your library

I was explaining the rather complex printing process to a woman the other day. She didn't want to purchase a full-value ($1) print card because she only needed to print 3 pages. I gave her an empty card and told her the smallest amount she could add to the card was 40 cents, even though 3 copies at 12.5 cents would only be, what? 37.5 cents? (I don't know what brilliant mind decided to charge 12.5 cents per copy, but that is a subject for another rant.)

She looked troubled and ready to argue with me over the extra 2.5 cents, so I hurried to assure her that she could hang on to the card and use it again at a later date. She replied, "Oh good. I wouldn't want to get ripped off" without a trace of irony.

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