Remaining anonymous @ the library

A gentleman (wearing a short sleeved work shirt and well-worn brown work gloves) walked into the computer lab and looked around quietly before approaching the desk. "Do you have to have a library card to use the computers?" "No, I can give you a temporary number." "Ok, what do you need to do that?" "Just tell me your name, and I'll print you one up." "Oh that's ok," he said, and started to walk away.

"Hold on," I told him. "I don't have to have your name." I printed him one with the name "guest" on it. As it was printing, I tried to preempt the inevitable conspiracy-theory speil by saying, "Yah, we don't care what your name is. There is no reason we need to track anything you do because we just really don't care." He started in on it anyway, complaining that "everywhere you go, they need to know your name so they can track what you do."

Yep, you can bet I'm interested in what you look at online.

you probably checked anyway...
Well, he never ended up using the computer. I guess any form of log-in was just too much to ask. Had I been bored, yah, I might have checked...
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