Sunday @ the library Part 2

6:40 I pass the ref desk on my way back from lunch and the reference librarian is trying to find some medical service and/or transportation for the cougher. I guess someone finally complained.

6:41 Girl wants to know if she is allowed to put a diskette in the computer.

7:00 Some guy's cell phone goes off and he lets it ring as he walks out. At least he didn't answer it here, but seriously, do people not know how to turn their ringers off or at the least, how to make them stop ringing before they answer them? It's not that hard.

7:10 Creepy regular runs around trying to figure out which computer he reserved. Hasn't he used up all his time for the day yet?

7:12 Cute hispanic mom needs help making copies.

7:47 Dang the guy is still in there coughing. No luck getting him out, I guess.

7:50 The gal who calls me Josephine came back to tell me she made a terrible mistake. The name of the store was actually not "Genonis" at all. It was "Gevononis". (Actually, it was neither, but that's ok.)

7:57 Teenage girl starts talking loudly on the phone. I tell her she can't talk on the phone in here.

8:05 The coughing is about to make me start dry heaving.

8:10 I just talked to the librarian in charge and she already called 2 shelters to see if she could find him a place to go, but they are full/closed. We can't really call an ambulance unless he collapses or asks for one, so we're just stuck with him here, and when we close, I guess he will have to spend the night on the street. The weather is terrible, which is probably why he is sick in the first place. If there was some affordable hotel around here, I would be tempted to pay for a night for him or something, but this is a major tourist destination area, and nothing is affordable around here, much less cheap.

8:16 Oh dang. Now I hear a different person coughing. If I don't get sick after this night it will be a miracle.

8:40 Almost time to go home. I think the coughing man left. I hope he can find a warm place to sleep.

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