Sunday @ the library Part 1

I'm stuck in the Stinky Room today (that would be the computer lab) so this is technically not a Ref Grunt. It's just a disgruntled grunt.

2:15 Middle-aged blonde woman who is always in here (and always asks the same questions about how to use the computer) asks me if she can go in the conference room to make a phone call. It's a business call. Someone has emailed her to get some sort of quote and she needs more information from them. Do people actually use the free library computers conduct their business affairs on a regular basis? This boggles my mind. How can you have a business that utilizes computers and not own one? Wow.

2:20 Lady asks me if she can use a computer and recharge her cell phone. The powers that be have not specifically prohibited this (yet) so I told her "I guess so."

2:30 I notice cell phone lady's phone is laying in a pathway, so I have to find a more suitable outlet--out of the way.

2:32 Cell phone lady asks me how to spell mansion--"you know, like a big house, mansion." I write it on a paper and wonder if she is filling out a Match.com profile. She looks close to homeless.

3:20 There is some NASTY coughing coming from the newspaper area. Ugh. I hope I don't have to go over there. I'm scared.

3:34 Visitor pass

3:44 Visitor pass

3:45 More nasty coughing

3:55 "What does it mean when it says 'you have 6,000 minutes left?'" It says 6 point 0-0-0 minutes. 6 minutes.

3:57 I find another paperclip on the floor that has one end bent out straight. I find these around the desk all the time. I think I know which coworker leaves them here, but I can't figure out what he does with them. Probably something gross that I don't want to know about.

4:03 A kid asks for a visitor pass. I spelled his name "Tommy", and he got very upset. "IT'S I-E!!! NOT Y!!" Um, ok.

4:13 copie machine question.

4:17 guest pass

4:18 another copie machine question

4:30 a coworker I like surprises me with a visit and we test out some audio equipment for a poetry slam tonight

5:01 Some teeny-bopper's phone starts ringing really loud and she lets it continue to ring as she runs out of the library to answer it.

5:11 more reeeealy bad coughing. I'm surprised no one has complained yet.

5:15 guest pass. I misspell another little kid's name. "Cynthia." oops, no that would by "Cinthya".

5:18 the funny lady who thinks my name is Josephine rushes in all in a panic and asks me to find the number for a particular Ace Hardware store. I give it to her and she rushes to the pay phone.

5:19 I hear her say something from across the room, but it takes me a second to realize she is calling my "name".

5:21 She rushes back to the desk and wants me to look up the number for "Givononi's" grocery store. I assume she means Giovanni's Grocery store and give her that number. I asked her what was wrong because she seems a little perturbed. Apparently she has left her treasured umbrella at either the grocery or hardware store.

5:24 Some man asks me if there is a vhs his kids could watch at the library. He means a vhs PLAYER. No, not a service we provide.

5:26 Frantic Josephine lady rushes in and out of the room a few more times. She has another umbrella at home, but the thing is, it has a horses head on it. (Not sure if she means the one at home or the one she lost.)

5:30 Oh, she's back to make another phone call. She leaves a message this time, and then comes to gripe to me about answering machines. she pounds the phonebook a few times for emphasis.

5:30 The coughing continues. I do believe the cougher plans to stay all day.

5:35 hallelujah the lost is found. she got her horse head umbrella back. She came to tell me its whole life story. I gave her some coupons from the Sunday paper. Then she questioned the fact that I could not find the name of the store on Google. For some reason, she doesn't believe me when I say it didn't come up in the search. "Well, did you put Givononi's GROCERY store?" yes. "And it really didn't come up??" NO. I don't see why it matters since I still gave her the number in the end.

Lunch time!!

we have had some patrons run their businesses from library computers. they come in every day, spread their work out and go to town. we had one guy we actually had to kick out because he just would not stop using the cell phone. he told us he had to use the phone and answer calls because he was conducting business! yeah...well not in here buddy!
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