pandamonium @ the library

Stuck in the Stinky Room again today. The regular person is on vacation. This morning started off with a bang.

The scheduling software update was not completed in time, so I spent the first 15 minutes of opening telling people repeatedly that they could not log on yet, and no, I didn't know when they would be able to.

One guy who kept trying to log on turned out to be deaf, so I had to start writing down everything I had just told everyone else.

They came up just in time for some lady who was in a huge hurry to print something, but didn't have a library card.

Oh what a mess...this new software apparently allows all sorts of different things than our old one. Like instead of letting people make reservations only on the half hour, apparently they can make reservations for any time. Weird. People just told me they had reservations for 10:40 and 10:45. I started to argue with one guy and then realized maybe he really did have a reservation for that time.

Hmm. I just checked my email and the IT people kindly sent us a screen shot of what the new welcome screen will look like on the new version of the scheduling software. That's reeeeeeal helpful. Thanks a million.

I do not want to be here today.

People say things about the computers that make absolutely no sense. "Hotmail sent me something. Do I have to download it? He downloaded it and sent it to me at the same time."

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