Unseen Dangers @ Your Library

We have this regular patron who insists that the lights and computers are creating an "electric magnetic field" that does bad things to her. Oddly enough, only the florescent lights in the computer room seem to cause her any distress, and whenever she comes in there to make copies, she insists on having the lights turned off. I was initially told we did not have to accomodate this request (even though she threatened to sue the county), but later, they told us it was a small thing to do, so go ahead and turn the lights off if she requests it.

Computers are another issue. She cannot use one herself because of the electric-magnetic stuff, but she has no problem sitting right next to someone else while they use it for her or standing right in front of the monitor on the ref desk while she tells us what to look up.

Tonight she needed to find out about Crohn's Disease. That is a wonderful subject. Google if if you don't know what it is. I know what it is because I had a friend once who was so afflicted. After she left, I made a sympathetic comment to my coworker: something to the effect that Crohn's Disease is pretty nasty stuff. He then proceded to READ ME the medline description of it! I wanted to hit myself in the head with a hammer.

Wow! Have you seen our post? Third to last paragraph.
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