ROYGBIV @ your library

One of our former "regulars" has returned (hereafter refered to as Roy G. Biv). He creeps me out a bit, even though he is never hostile. He is just too friendly...and he always wants to shake my hand.

Tonight he commented on the startling color of my coat. He asked if he could have 30 seconds of my time to discuss it. So we talked, and then he shook my hand, thanked me for my 30 seconds and left.

Later he passed by again and wanted to talk about my sweater. He debated and finally decided it was "turquoise". He asked if I agreed with that assessment. I told him I just thought it was blue, but he was welcome to think of it as whatever color he felt like.

He told me that color was unequivocally the most wonderful thing in the universe and challenged me to think of something better. I suggested a newborn baby.

Roy agreed that maybe a new baby was better than color, shook my hand and left again.

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