Research body bags @ the library

Conspiracy Theorist has found that he can ask us questions by phone now so we get frequent calls along these lines:

"I want a picture of the gray body bags."
"Gray body bags?"
"yes, I want to know if the navy uses gray body bags."
"The Navy?"
"Yes, I need to know what color of body bags each branch of the service uses. Does the Navy use gray body bags? I need a picture of them."

I don't really know where to find out such information and it is closing time, so I tell him to ask the librarian on duty the next time he comes in. I'm sure my coworkers love me. (Actually it wouldn't matter whether I told him to do that or not. He would still ask the same question the next few visits anyhow.

I never saw the similarities between the hotel business and the library until now.

What are of Ca. do you work in?
hey steph-- i think you'll like the clustrmap trackr. however, once it gets too populated i don't know if there is a way to reset it. you should also try blogflux- it gives detailed info, like how in the world did they find you? just an idea... keep it up!
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