parking lot mysteries @ your library

Then some guy came in and told us that the vehicle next to his had apparently been broken into. The passenger door was ajar and things were strewn about outside. The trusty guard was on lunch and didn't answer his phone (wth?) so I went out to investigate. There was a brand new Toyota Sienna and sure enough, the passenger door was open about a foot. There was nothing on the ground outside the van, although the interior was messy as is normal for a conveyance of small children. There was no broken glass and the dashboard looked intact. After some deliberation, I shut door and went back inside.

A few minutes later the guard shows up. We filled him in on the details and later he went out and checked and a different door was open on the same van. He shut it. Then later, he saw a lady leave the booksale and go to the van. He told her about the open doors and she said it must have been one of her kids that left it open.

But she didn't have any kids with her...[insert eerie music]

Maybe they were invisible kids.


Found your blog through Sloane, you have great posts. I worked at my college library for four years and during the summer we would have odd local people come in from time to time. I know we had at least one prominent local consipiracy theorist but no known homeless people.
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