Mass Confusion @ your library

I wish I could adequately convey what a crazy day we have had in library land. For starters, the quarterly book sale just opened, so we have all that madness going on. (If you don't know, used booksellers are freakishly competitive.)

I call from a guy who wanted to know the translation of the title of a French movie.
"It's called V-A space S-A-V-I-O-R"
"Ok, I'll look it up on the internet movie database. It's called 'Who Knows'."
"Huh, what? What's the title."
"Who Knows? That's the translation."
"Who Knows is the title or you don't know?"
"Yes, the actual translation is 'Who Knows'."
Dang, I feel like I'm in that old radio skit.

Later a gal calls wanting to know the phone number for "The National Association of Spiritualist Churches."
I type that into Google and come up withe the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and ask if that's what she is looking for.
"I don't know. Where is it located?"
I check. "Lily Dale, NY."
"Ok, that must be it."
"So you needed the phone number, right?"
"Yes. Can you give me the address too?"
"Ok, that is P.O. Box 217......Lily Dale, New York..."
"14752? What's that?"
"Um, that would be the zip code..."
"So how did you find all that information?"
"I just typed what you told me into Google."

At this point I've read three of your library entries and I am deeply entertained.
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