Disoriented old man @ the library

So this nice old man came and stood a few feet from the ref desk just looking at us. We asked if we could help him and he grabbed his head like he was in pain. Then he said, "No, I just ate some ice cream. It was good!" Then he pounded the desk and said emphatically, "I want more!"

A little later he came back and stood peeking at me over my monitor. He mumbled something that sounded like "I see you hiding there pretty girl gotta protect herself."

I'm not totally sure that's what he said though. Then he asked about audio books. I pointed to where they were about 5 feet away. He wandered off and stood staring into the computer lab blankly until someone came and helped him pick out some audiobooks.

Poor little man.

That is actually uncomfortable to read. I think the instability sounded unpredictable, glad he didn't pull your hair or try to bite you.
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