Angels and Demons @ your library

Roy G. Biv strikes again. Here's my incident report.

About 7:00, a lady called and said her 15 year old daughter was studying in the library with a friend this evening. The friend got up to get something and an adult male came and sat down at the table with her daughter. From the description, I knew immediately that she was talking about Roy G. Biv. He was still in the area, and I had already had several odd interactions with him this evening. He said "Whatcha gonna do when the come for you?" which really creaped the girl out. He proceeded to say that "they" had come for him like 408 times already. I thanked the lady for reporting this and told her we would keep an eye on him.

A short time later, I saw him waylay another girl who was walking by. I was helping another customer, so I told [my coworker] what was happening. At the same time, there were 3 young girls at an adjacent table, and they were watching what was going on and kind of snickering nervously, so I asked them if he had tried to talk to them. The said no, but he did make some faces at them (they demonstrated by raising their eyebrows suggestively).

[Coworker] went to talk to him, and Roy G. Biv told him that if anyone had a problem with them, "they will have to pray to their god because I am an angel" and apparently lots of other things in a similar vein. He was also concerned about demons & such. He refused to agree to stop talking to girls. Then the guard talked to him and eventually Roy left, but not before thanking [coworker] for being a gentleman.

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