RefGrunting @ the library

"Do you have the book This Side of Paradise?"
Yes, it's in Fiction under "Fitzgerald".
2 minutes later: "It's not there."
I go look. It was there. 90% of the time it is.

Conspiracy Theorist: "There is no librarian in the Media Center."
"What do you need?"
"I need a librarian in the Media Center."
"Well, I guess if there is no one, you are going to have to tell me."
"I need help."

I help a man find historic currency conversion rates on the internet. He said he looked for hours the other day and couldn't find them. Then he said he loved me and left. (Fortunately he left. It's always awkward when they want to stick around after such a declaration.)

Do you have a book about the history of dogs?

4th or 5th question from creapy guy who has been hanging around all day:
"Brain test: How do you spell documentary?"

Girl butts to the front of the line to ask a "quick question": "Do you have a sports section?"
What kind of sport?

"Do you have a native american section?"
[consults list] "oh I already have that. Do you have any that aren't in the children's section?"
"Yes in the 970s."
"oh, you mean there are 970s in both places?"

Two people stop by the desk on the way out to thank me for helping them find their books.

The Conspiracy Theorist spent the last 45 minutes of the day at the public computer nearest the reference desk talking to himself out loud. We're not sure when he started that.

A 17-year-old needed to call a ride. I gave her 50 cents, although I typically like to save the "tip money" for younger kids.

you get tip money???
Yah, sometimes people try to give us money for helping them, which of course we don't accept, but if they just walk away and leave the dollar on the counter, we just keep it for kids who need to make copies or call home.
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