clogged toilets @ the library

Speaking of the men's restroom, I just found out recently that there are not supposed to be any paper towels in there. One (or more) of our regulars has a weird compulsion to stuff them all in the toilets.

The guard caught him recently stuffing those tissue paper seat covers in the toilet and made him use the plunger to clear the blockage. I might have already written about that.

I find your blog pretty funny.
I work in a library at a law firm so generally the questions are easy to deal with.
Weekends I work at the Ellis Island Museum, the part of the museum where you can search a database of people who came through the port of New York during a certain span of years. We often get stupid questions. Generally it is the same few questions over and over since it is such a specializedc resource.
My personal favorite are the questions like "How do I get to the first floor?" There are 3 floors total in the building and I am asked this questions at a counter that is on the first floor.
Another is "How do I get out of here?" That one just makes me think of bleached skeletons leaning against the walls of museum patrons who couldn't find their way out.
Usuall there is a doozy every week or two so if one comes up I will let you know.
I like the new orange format, but now there's an ad for a price quote for a plumber on the top!
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