D for Duh @ Your Library

I wasn't @ work today @ my library, but my coworker kept me in the loop via email:

mom and teenage daughter (who looked like she was 30) come to the desk. Mother hands me a paperback book and points to the spine and asked what the sticker means (it was a D). I said that means the authors name starts with a D. That's how we file paperbacks by authors last name.

Her: "well isn't there any rating system on these books"
Me: "well, no; This book is an adult paperback best seller off of these racks right here"
her: "I know. that's ware we got it. Why isn't there a rating system on them?"
Me: "well, they are adult books for adults, we don't and the publishers don't put ratings on books."

I told her the young adult section was over there if she wanted more age appropriate books for her daughter.

Subsequently, her and her daughter got into a big fight by the paperback rack on what she was "allowed to read."

Oh, you mean you don't have the five star or thumbs up system? It's so great.
Yes, very funny, totally awesome--think it will work great. you should change it to liberry though.
I bet the mom thought 'D' stood for dirty or disgusting.
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