Clog a toilet @ your library

Tonight our security guard was in the men's restroom and he heard a prolonged rustling of paper coming from the handicapped stall. He became suspicious and peeked over the door and saw a guy stuffing seat covers into the toilet. We have been having a problem with someone (or someones) doing this on a regular basis. We may have caught our perpetrator.

The guard and the male librarian on duty gave him a plunger and made him unclogged the toilet and made him leave the library with the firm instructions never to do that again. At least now we will know to watch out for the guy. hah!

I think it is so funny that they actually gave him a plunger (and then wrote that up in the incident report).

That is SO AWESOME!!! I love that he was actually caught and made to be responsible for his mess. Way cool.
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