Things That Make My Blood Pressure Rise

After walking a couple through the computer sign-up process (with great difficulty), the smelly man commented, "A paper sign-up sheet would be a lot easier."

I inadvisedly answered, "Not for us."

He replied, "Well, it's supposed to be for us."

Which, of course, is true, but what people don't realize is that in the long run it would cause more problems for them too. We avoid most (but not all) arguements by having the booking software.

But not all.

Shortly after that we had a big brouhaha over some mix-ups in reservations with two people claiming to have reserved the same computer at the same time, but with neither reservation showing up on the schedule. Ugh.

Oo... we are not the only ones that get "internet" fights. In my workplace we have paper booking sheets, and er... people constantly fight. I think they are going to have fistycuffs sometimes.. there is a good chance it has happened on several occasions. They should just combine my work with the police station they are sometimes there so often.... *sighs*
My question is, why are libraries in the computer and Internet business anyway? And don't give me the crap about the digital divide. We are just providing it for the crazies. I have never seen a cost/benefit analysis of this service public libraries provide (academic is a different animal). What people don’t seem to grasp is that fact that it is EXPENSIVE to provide the hardware and upkeep. Not to mention the stupid booking software. I don’t know how much it cost the library I am at now, but at my last library I was involved in setting up all of that reservation crap and just for the software it cost $20,000!!!!!!! No joke (not including the print card machines, changing over the copy machines to take the print cards, the card readers, etc. that was about another 8,000). And this was a small library with only 10 computers!!!!!! $28,000 so people could sign up for 10 computers. Give me an f*&% break. So once again, what is the point? I think if taxpayers really knew the craziness and cost they would be pissed. For what, so a few crazy, sicko people can order mail-order brides from Russia? Whatever…..
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