Josephine, my alter ego

We recieved a visit from our exuberant friend who is going to invite us to her going-away party sometime next year. She only talks in one volume and finds life in general to be hysterically funny. Consequently, she cackles constantly. It's really quite amusing.

She wanted us to order a cd for her by Sam, Sham, and the Pharoahs, titled Red Riding Hood. She said, "It's about me. I'm going to dye my hair red like Josephine" and pointed to me. She thinks that's my name.

My coworker was helping her, but I joined in about the the name and said I was not familar with them. She said, "That was back before you were born. You weren't a twinkle in your mom's...I'll explain the birds and the bees later." She thought that was so funny she repeated it several times to passers-by, and cackled uproariously.

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