Fairy Godmother Complex

Young male caller: "Do you have a book for a 1999 Cadillac Catera blipty blop?"
Me: What kind of book?
YMC: "Like electrical repair and stuff diggety doo."
Me: Yes, we have Mitchells and Chiltons.
YMC: "That should do it. Can I check them out Doodidoo?"
Me: No, but you can make copies.
YMC: "And how much are copies these days jigety do?"
Me: 15 cents.
YMC: "I'm just a poor college student, but I'll see if I can handle that. doodileep. bye!"

He showed up at the desk, looking nothing like what I expected. He was tall, had on clean clothes, and a nice haircut. He looked like a Mormon out of uniform. He didn't seem to recognize my voice from the phone when he asked the same question again.

I left the desk to lead him to the car repair manuals and he followed behind with a happy "va-voom!" I noticed he left without making any copies.

I am not making this up. I swear on the AACR2.

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