No Manners

A guy asked me a question (did we have the Sound of Music on VHS) and then stood there thumping the desk impatiently. THEN he walked around the desk and took a book off the cart next to me. Without asking. Then he carried it away. All without asking. I was only "de-new-ing" them, so it didn't matter in this case, but it could have. In what alternate reality is that considered OK?

I wonder what your manager would think of your blog, especially your contemptuous attitude toward your patrons and coworkers. I hope readers realize that the majority of librarians (are you really an MLS? I have my doubts...) are committed to serving the public and don’t share your disrespectful, condescending, and frankly unprofessional attitude. Even if this is your attempt at being humorous, you’re not making the profession look too good, and maybe you should find another.

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I'd disregard that if I were you; I love your blog:)
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What I want to ask the "real librarian" is did you read or write that on work time? And if you hate it so much, why are you reading this Blog anyway or more aptly, responding to it? I’m a “real” librarian (what ever the hell that means anyway, all I know is that I spent $20,000 on an education I could have learned in a week workshop, but that's another tirade) and I’ll tell you what gets under my craw more than anything about this “profession” is the fact that it’s NOT a very “professional” profession. It’s half-assed central.

I am so sick of the self-congratulatory attitude that libraries and librarians have, which is completely undeserved. Even when something that is obviously completely crappy, idiotic, inane and ridiculous that is staring them right in the face they think it's something that has "revolutionized" the profession. Let’s take the use of the @ sign as a national slogan for example, or the Nancy Pearl doll, for God’s sake, or maybe the drill team book cart people. Like any of that makes the profession look good? Get over it already.

No one can ever say or admit that something sucks. I think that's a sign of an unhealthy profession. Just smile and nod, like a good 1950's housewife. I am sick to death of all of these farty old women who refuse to hold up a mirror to the profession as see it for what it really is and where it is really going— that is, straight to hell.

What this Blog does, and many other like it, show what is really going on in a public library. The craziness and the ineptitude of the profession to pull their heads out of the sand and deal with real issues. That quite frankly, IS the “unprofessional attitude”. The inability for the profession to have frank discussions and reflections on what the profession is about or not about and the complete LACK OF VISION the profession has for the future is what makes the profession not “look too good”.

So “real librarian” whereever you are, I’ll let you get back to the important professional library work of dancing with your book cart…..
i so agree with ann. infact reading this has made me consider beinging my own blog... a library one that is. So much crap happens in my workplace (which isnt even in america) that so echos this. I have found i am not alone in my thinking that almost everything that happens to me is somewhat... strange.
I'm not even a qualified librarian. I'm an environmental engineer (hence the reason i cant spell) and i think i am somewhat over qualified.. even stuff the people i work with drives me insane alot of the time... working in a library is EASY, it's also one of the most STRESS free jobs you can have.. so why stress that your job provides comic relif in the form of people being well... people. I may be calling most of society stupid.. but if they didnt act that way i wouldnt have to.
So you guys know, i love both the blogs i have been reading (amy and stephi)
Will link you to my own, once i finish building my webpage... have to colour co-ordinate and stuff.

Keep up the comic relief.
Ooo, a "real" librarian! I'm assuming not a real public librarian. Or perhaps not a real working librarian.

I'm a gen-you-wine MLS and I share your "unprofessional attitude" - public libraries are basically the only place in North America where anyone can walk in off the street and demand anything they like from the staff. And we're expected to be polite and helpful, no matter what the person says or does. We have to deal with drunks, druggies, the mentally ill and the angry, snotty, and stupid. As your guard tales tell, we're usually on our own, apart from calling the police (which takes forever) security guards are often useless or don't speak English (which is helpful when you need to, oh, tell them what you need them to do). If you're lucky enough to even have a guard - many libraries don't.

So if the worst thing we do is release our frustration at having to deal with the dregs of society (and, of course, many wonderful people, too, but they're not stressful) is post comments on a blog that none of them will ever read, I'd say we're doing pretty well. Otherwise, they'd have to rename the term "going librarian" instead of postal.

Here endeth the rant. :)
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