Exciting day at the library! I finally saw the puppet guy. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to talk to him. Or actually, I should say I was not able to talk to the puppet, because all interactions with the duo have to be addressed to the puppet. When I saw them, they had selected several CDs for their listening pleasure and were perusing the audio books.

Just for the sake of the visual image, the puppet companion (a monkey, I think) was at least three feet in length. The guy carried it around at the same height as his own head with his hand ready to operate the mouth should either of them need to speak. When he wasn't picking items off the shelf, he held his free arm under the legs so that the puppet was supported in a comfortable sitting position.


Courtesy laugh of the day

Customer: "I thought crimson was a red color."
Me: huh?
Customer: "This movie says 'Crimson Coal'. That's confusing."
Me: [courtesy laugh that says, 'Ok, whatever.']

Also: Numerous courtesy laughs to the guard of Asian origin who's jokes I can never understand much less "get."

Yes! That puppet story is my favorite of all time!
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