I should have known it was an evil harbinger for the day when going 80 in the fast lane was about 15 mph too slow and we kept getting tailgated...

Lots of anxious, needy people today.

"I'm looking for a book on a pacific breed of dog...on one dog only. It's a Pomeranian."

Lady complains that she got a sex website and doesn't know how to get out of it. [uh, click the "x"?] Then she wants to know why she went there in the first place because she was trying to get on CraigsList.com. [Try craigslist.org.]

yeah i love those pacific breeds. always ready to jump into the ocean.

you know, reading your blog might give one the impression that public libraries are simply full of simpletons and idiots. aren't books supposed to make us SMARTER?
The problem with public libraries happens to be the PUBLIC!
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