A lady kept telling me how amusing some books were while at the same time asking for books on another topic. In the middle of that, she tugged on her britches and said, "Why don't they make pant that stay on? If you don't have an ass, pants just fall right off!" As far as I could tell, she was not lacking in that department.

The Resident Perv interrupted BOTH of us on the desk (at different times) to show us side-by-side pictures of Mount St. Helens before & after. "Yah, nice," I said. "I have to help these other people." Later my coworker said, "I wonder what he thought those pictures insinuated? Two mountains...?? Um..." Yah, he probably had something stupid in mind. He always shows us crap and acts like it's x-rated.

Two separate people asked me for info on Terri Schiavo.

The best was the lady who stopped by to tell me that she got an A on a paper I had helped her with. I told her she works hard. She deserved it. Seriously. I see her studying in the library every day that I work.

I should have done a Ref Grunt today, but I couldn't keep up.

I can NEVER keep up to write a refgrunt, because it is headache material to keep track of headache material. But I know about the Resident Pervs. We're creating different profiles for our timeout software and we were thinking about abbreviating one PP for patron perv!
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