Random Weirdness

A large man was wearing pants held up by suspenders. The suspenders were attached to his belt loops with purple carabiners.


A lady called to tell us that her daughter was in the library.
"Her name is Yvonne. I left her there and I will be back to pick her up in sixty to ninety minutes."

Me: Um, ok. [unsure what I am expected to do with this information]

"I asked the librarian and she said it was OK."

[so why are you telling me this now?]

"She is not supposed to leave the library until I pick her up."

Me: Does she know this?


Me: Well, OK then. [there were at least 50 school-aged kids in the library at that point. Did she expect me to go around and ask each one of their names and then keep a special lookout for Yvonne in case she tried to sneak out? I don't think so.]

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