No Vacancy

I don't get it. I have people come into the computer lab all the time, look at the computers which are ALL occupied, and then ask me, "Are they all full?"

The other thing that I don't understand is when people do that, and then say, "I just need to use it for two minutes" or "I just need to print one thing real fast." It doesn't matter what you "just" need to do. If the computers are full, they're full. You still have to wait your turn. People say that ALL the time. It annoys the heck out of me.

That happens Every Freaking Day.
Like maybe they think there are some secret computers somewhere else, and I'm going to go "NO MA'AM! This is your lucky day! Even though all the computers LOOK like they are in use there are in fact 50 more INVISIBLE COMPUTERS that are available only for discerning people such as yourself who thought to ask for them!"

Not to mention which, people keep hiding the sign that says "These computers have NO internet access", as if maybe that will magically GIVE them internet access? I don't know.
I hate that, too! And I don't get it, either. If someone just needed it for "two minutes" during THEIR time, would they give it up? Noooo... so why do they think someone will magically give it up for them?
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