Letters and Numbers

We have one-time-use numbers we give people so they can use a computer if they don't have a library card. They look like this: Z0513400000127

I gave one to a man and he asked, "Is that first letter a 2?"

Me: "No it's a Z and [pointing at the 0's] those are zeros."

Him: "Zero like the number zero, not the letter?"

We are all counting the days until we get the timeout software! It's a beautiful thing...
i sympathize with the guy. 0 and O look about the same in an alphanumeric string. of course, i just had a fairly lengthy drama concerning car titles and vehicle identification numbers, so maybe it's hitting closer to home than usual.
I know they look similar. That's why I told him they were zeros. I was just confused by the "letter zero" bit.
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