Citizen's Arrest!

Large lady dressed head to toe in white (with pink accents) approached the desk with a HUGE smile, and said with all the sugary-sweetness she could dredge up: "There is someone writing an email on those computers" [pointing at the "homework only" computers.]

Me: "OK...?"

Sugar bomb: "The sign says "no email."

Me: "OK, I'll check it out."

Sugar bomb: Stands there looking at me expectantly, then reluctantly walks away and stands directly behind the "offender."

I realize she is not going to leave them alone, so I approach her. "Are you waiting for this computer or something?"

SB: "No..."

I look at the transgressor's screen, and she is not doing email at all, but simply writing a blog entry. I tell the nosey-fakey woman the girl is not doing anything wrong, but what I really wanted to say was "Wow! Who died and made you chief of the Library Police?"

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