One of our regulars was waiting with his girlfriend to sign up for a computer. As he waited, he became effusive over how NICE we library ladies are.

"All you you people who work here are SO NICE! They must pay you a lot of money."

Me: "Yah, they pay us to be nice."

"You are always so helpful and nice! I don't usually like government, but you guys almost make me change my mind. You aren't like the rest of the government offices. You are actually helpful...etc. etc."

He kept going on in this vein for an uncomfortable length of time, so I sort of starting ignoring him and returned to looking up call numbers. In the middle of his comments, he pauses and said to his girlfriend: "What? I wasn't flirting with her! ...mumble, mumble... I'm sorry!"

I guess I looked fetching in my green sweater, because the same thing almost happened again with another guy (and his girlfriend) later in the evening. Yikes! I cut him off though. Told him I really didn't want to hear his story about how women in the Philippines get out of arranged marriages.

yeah, that always happens to me too.
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