Best Dressed Award

Sometimes simplicity really does make the biggest statement. I see some crazy outfits in the library, but one last night took the cake. A tall guy with long, scraggly hair rushed in looking for a cd. He caught my attention when I heard my coworker ask him to please go get some shoes and come back. I looked over and saw that he was wearing a single button cut-away tux-style jacket in burgundy. Unbuttoned. That was coupled with bright yellow swim trunks.

And that's all.

No shoes, no shirt, and I'm pretty sure no underwear, either.

Reminds me of Spike in Notting Hill when he was doing his laundry! Sometimes I wish I could bring my digital camera and set it on "museum" just to capture the cast of characters.
i had to tell a co-worker to serve someone once, just because if i served then i would have to have asked them what in hell they thought they were wearing...
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