10 Minute Ref Grunt

Patron saw an author on Dr Phil. The author wrote about their history of child abuse. It was on the 3:00 show on channel 4 sometime in the last two weeks. Not the 11:00 show, the 3:00 show. My coworker had been looking through the last two weeks’ worth of shows, but then I realized this lady probably saw a rerun. [I could care less about watching Dr. Phil, so I don’t know when it usually airs, even though the patron thought I should.] I don’t want to look through over 500 episodes. Then she started telling me how to look for it. “Go into Google and just search for books about people who were abused as children.” “Put Dr. Phil 3:00 show.” Then her baby threw up on counter. After we cleaned that up she decided to leave. I was glad.

Would like to reserve Hard Rock by Nevada Barr (title actually Hard Truth) (“I’m surprised he is still writing!”) [I go off looking for the book which is supposedly on the shelf, but can’t be located. She goes to look for other books.]

A nervous lady was looking for stories about bipolar and manic depressive people. I found one by Patty Duke. “That’s IT! That’s the one I saw before!”

Nevada Barr lady again. [Me: I’m sorry. We couldn’t find it.] “Oh, no, don’t worry. This makes me feel like I’m home. I never can find anything.”

Manic depressive lady returns with book (not the Patty Duke one though) in hand: “Can you tell me what that word is?” “Psyche.” “That IS ‘psyche’? I wondered.” Yes.

Very OLD, very hearing-impaired man wearing a safety yellow vest and a matching bicycle helmet wanted to find an art supply store in his town. The whole transaction was conducted at top volume. I had to shout in his hear so he could hear me.

I had a "top volume" conversation yesterday too! The guy was telling me all about his new phone from his daughter. He can read the messages, so he can talk on the phone again. It's been 20 years... I kept saying "neat" or "you'll enjoy that" at top volume!
I had the same Dr. Phil question the other day. Turns out it's his wife's sister. What complicates it is that she uses her married name. And the patron kept talking on and on and on and on.

"Peter Burd"
Who is "Peter Burd" ?
Beats me.
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