Some people never get it

A man who communicates with his eyebrows raised and eyes closed walks in and points at the computers.

Since I am a mind reader I answer, "Yes, you can use one."

He sits down an one and a few minutes later comes up to my desk.
"I can't log on. It is on a permanent blue screen."

I point out that there is another available computer if he doesn't want to wait for the other one to be ready to use. No, he doesn't want to use that one.

The computer is frozen so I restart it manually.

A few minutes later he moves to the open computer saying, "I guess I don't have a choice. It's doing it again."

I check the problem computer. It is fine. He has simply turned the monitor off. I turn it back on and return to my desk.

Apparently the other computer "doesn't work" either. He returns to his first choice computer for a another minute before standing up and declaring, "I give up." (If ONLY he would actually give up and leave me alone...)

I look at the error message. It says he has a conflicting booking on another computer.

I show him how to check his bookings on the reservation computer, and tell him which computer is being saved for him.

He logs on to that computer.

After a bit he again claims he gives up. He can't get online. I look at his monitor. He has two Excel windows open. I show him the menu where he must choose the appropriate application.


Within four minutes, he has logged off and huffed out of the media room. I suspect he did not know how to get past the homepage (which is set to default to the library's website.)

It's a complicated world.

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