Party time...eventually

I just had a library patron invite me to her going away party. Going away where?, you might ask. She is not moving to another town. She is getting a job...at Wendy's. Between her new job and school, she "won't be back to the library, ever." It is because she was able to come to the library and study and "get smart" that she is even able to go to school now.

Bless her heart. Her studying consisted of typing for hours on end on our typewriter. She just typed random letters as fast as she possibly could. It was sad and funny at the same time. It was also so annoying that we made a new rule: only one hour per day on the typewriter.

She thinks my name is Josephine, which amuses me so much I never corrected her. She pretty much calls me that all the time. Once I answered the phone using my real name, and she said, "Where's Josephine? She was just there." I had to explain that I was Josephine and she had been calling me the wrong name. Fortunately she forgot and the next time I saw her, she cheerfully called me Josephine again.

Hopefully I can make it to her going-away party which is set to take place sometime in the next year or two. It will be a finger food event. She said she will probably get some chips and maybe some dip. I should volunteer to bring cookies or something.

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