From a few days ago

Well now. That was oddly disturbing. Some weird guy (who I have had weird interactions with before) just came up to the desk and asked me if I was busy. I told him I could help him, and asked what he was looking for. His question: "Is there anything fun to do in this town?" I replied that it depended on what you considered fun. What he had in mind: swing dancing, horseback riding, or rodeos.

I got off my chair to look in our city file and as I did he commented, "Small ring." I didn't think I heard him correctly. What? So he repeated himself. I was taken aback, not because I care what he thinks of my jewelry, but because he would have the audacity to comment negatively (I presume) about it.

I said, "Whatever" and proceeded distractedly to look through the files. He tried to dig himself out of the hole. "Well, my mom's is smaller than that actually. I didn't mean anything by it. blah blah blah." I ignored him. Didn't say anything, at all to help him out of his hole.

Anyway, my coworker walked up and asked if I needed help. I told her this guy was looking for something fun to do, but then I looked up and he was gone. He just walked away without a word. That was disconcerting.

And really. My ring isn't even that small, and it certainly was not cheap (in my opinion, anyway). I actually wanted a smaller one. But even if it was, who cares? And what was his point in mentioning it at all? Was it a very misguided attempt at hitting on me? Or does he need to insult other people to make himself feel important? I think I was more disturbed by him walking off mid-transaction than anything. That was just strange. The other time I talked to him he said some really off the wall stuff. I don't remember exactly what it was. I think is was along the lines of antagonistically questioning every step of the computer log-in process, as if I was intentionally making it difficult for him. What a weirdo.

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