The case of the Weeping Bridge Activist against the city was unsuccessful. The bridge came down today and was carted away on barges. The Activist is here again today preparing a defamation lawsuit or something. He informed me that the joke is now on the people who took down the bridge, because now he is filing a motion to make them restore it to its original splendor.

He was making copies at a machine to the side of my desk. I had my back partially turned away from him, attempting to ignore his muttering, but he kept walking around in front of the desk trying to get my attention. He also spread his papers out all over the side of my desk and studied them...two feet away from me. I politely explained to him that that was our desk, not a public work area, and he needed to find another place to work. He got a bit red in the face over that, and tried to tell me there wasn't any other place for him to work, and what did I expect him to do?? Uh, how about that table where you parked your backpack?

After I asked him to move his stuff off my desk, he moved it to an equally unacceptable spot on top of of the public printer. Another guy needed to print, so I asked him to move his stuff, and he got right in my face and shouted, "I AM NOT ABLE TO FUNCTION INDEPENDENTLY!"

At closing time we had to encourage him several times to exit the building. His parting shot: "My biggest complaint is that they don't make this place easy for people who are not functional." He wants us to have assistants for people like him who cannot function on their own.


I can't read your blog while I'm at work; it's too hilarious!
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