Microwave cooking for beginners

We get lots of off-the-wall questions at work. It usually doesn't bother me. In fact, generally I enjoy the variety. It's just pretty darn scary though when the most absurd question of the week comes from the person most responsible for peace and safety in the library.

Tonight, the apparently autistic guard initiated a conversation with the sweetest librarian on staff.

Autistic Guard: How do you cook flour in the microwave?
Sweet Librarian: For muffins? Or bread or something?
AG: Uh.........I was just going to put flour and water in a bowl and stir it up and put it in the microwave.
SG: Well, if you don't put it salt and some leavening in it you're just going to have paste.
AG: Oh. [long pause] I have some salt I can put in it.

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