Some reference librarian coined the term "refgrunt". Basically, a refgrunt is a brief list of the questions asked of a reference librarian during any given shift.

My refgrunt from today

Phone message: need My Own Country video
Phone message: Caller left full name, phone number, library card number and complete address, but failed to state purpose of call.
How can I find out about someone in prison/if someone is in prison
Have you heard of a book about an indian boy in Appalacia who ent to live with his aunt and uncle because his parents died.
Need a list of everyone who lives in Modesto
A book about positive reinforcement written around 2002...possibly
What is that poisonous stuff that comes out of cars? [Carbon monoxide?] yes. write that down real big. Now write "fires", "drought", [anything else] yes...um...gotta stop driving those cars.
Would like biographical information about author Frances Mayes, author of Under the Tuscan Sun, which, incidentally is nothing like the movie.
Can you look up a book by the plot? I read a mystery set in ancient Rome and it was part of a series.
Can you tell me what it was? (I actually found the answer to this one)
It won't let me put these books on hold. Can you do it for me?
A question from an hispanic lady who kept pointing to her bookbag and asking about some meeting in sketchy English. Never did resolve that one.
Need the video My Own Country (don't have it, but we have the book)
Do you have any more books on tape (yah, like a thousand, but they're all checked out)
I can't put Histories by Herodotus on reserve.
I need books to help me teach some friends how to speak English.
Need videos showing childbirth.
Phone: I need to know if red and purple grapes contain oxalic acid. or green grapes. Red wine has it, but I don't know if it's part of the fermentation process. I can't have oxalic acid b/c it aggravates my gout.
Do you have photo copy machines?
Third request for My Own Country video
Books by author William Langewiesch
4 hand piano sheet music
Books on deer hunting
Need resources for a paper on Ho Chi Minh
Need resources for a paper on the Beatles 1964 US tour (last question of the day! woohoo!)

ALL of these questions were presented to either me or my coworker today. There were many more. These are just the ones I remember. We had a busy day.

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