Busy, busy day at the ref desk.

Before lunch break:
Need Value Line
Need Sunday paper
I need to look at the newspaper card indexes for Fimby and Duran
How long does the book sale last for?
No, these are the wrong years of card indexes. We need the older ones. [Oops, my bad.]
Now we need the card indexes for Herrera and Garcia.
I heard something about a 30 minute card for the computer?

Can you write down “Richard L. [Lespcke?] (something unintelligible) He was involved in the JFK assassination. served under Gen Philip C Wehle

Phone: (ESL speaker + bad phone connection = very difficult conversation) Do you have the book Egypt *****? [Do you know the author’s name?] Yes, Frances something. [no matching searches] [could you spell the last word of the title?] b-r-o-o-s. It’s a funny title. [no doubt! Egypt Broos? still no matches. “Egypt like the country?”] No, sorry. Egypt. I-D-I-O-T. Egypt. [OH! Idiot Proof! Yes, we have that book!]

I checked at the self-serve holds and my book is not there. Where else might it be?
“Paper” (actual grunted request)
Bill Clinton’s biography [96 holds] Never mind. I’ll check back in a couple of months.
Phone message: I missed your call. Can you call me back? I want to put 2 books on hold.
Phone message: This is Lucy P. I need Cape Ram Das, Fierce F-I-E-R-C-E Grace. I’ll be home. [did not leave phone number. Good thing I’m a PI.]
Can I use the computer again when my time is up?
Book Shell Seekers
Sunday Newspaper
Kelly Blue book for 94
Do you have anything on disabled people? Like how they operate on them?
I’d like to request a book: dale myers “secrets of a homicide” [not a book, just something he saw written on a web page about the JFK assassination.]

After lunch break:
One time use number
Can you show me how to print?
Need stuff for a paper about the Mesozoic era.
Info on Sweden. Narrowed it down to info on minorities in Sweden.
One time use number
One time use number
Need pictures of palm trees
Researching media violence and relationship to present war
Some teenager has been walking around the library all evening wearing a t-shirt on top and full pajamas (with a polar bear print) on bottom with the top of the pajamas tied around his waist.
We’re supposed to have dime-sized hail in the valley sometime this week.
Do you have a biography of Leland Haward? I’ll be over here. [walks away as I attempt to find the answer]

You are hilarious! And highly intellegent it seems. Maybe you should wright a book on your encounters with ignorance. I would buy.
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