I don't know if anyone but me will find this particularly funny. I just had to write an incident report for work because two customers got in a fight over whose turn it was to use the FREE computers. People are so idiotic sometimes.

Incident Report 7/22/04   3:00 pm

Name of person(s) involved
Lou Ann  

Action taken:
I offered to help them sort out the misunderstanding, but my efforts were ignored and the situation continued to escalate so I paged the security guard (Ralph). Security guard counseled Allan to seek help from the library staff in situations like this. Lou Ann??


Narrative & description of incident:
A verbal disagreement ensued when Lou Ann's hour of computer usage (on 135A) expired at 2:56. Allan had made a reservation for 3:00 on #135 and tried to tell Lou Ann this (as she tried unsuccessfully to log back on to the computer). She became argumentative and told him she could use the computer for one more hour and it was impossible that he had made a reservation for 3:00 because her time was not up until after 3:00 [see attachment for actual times]. As I tried to explain that a reservation or a waiting patron pre-empted her immediate continued use of the computer, both parties ignored me and continued to argue with each other. She accused him of sitting and watching her to which he replied that yes, he had been, but only because he was waiting for a computer.

They then began calling each other names. Lou Ann referred to Allan as “trash” and Allan told Lou Ann that she should “get [her] lying ass out of here.” At that point I called the security guard who counseled Allan that in the future if he had a problem with another patron he should ask a librarian for help.
The end. I hope.

I finally got around to checking this out today; sorry it took me so long... sounds like some interesting characters show up at your work :)

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