Actual transcript from a message left on our phone at work:
Uh, thank you for taking my message. This is Sophie Klakston, a patron of the library. 383-9898. I would certainly wish you could give, uh arrange, to have a copy of Newsweek for the date of, I don’t see the date on here, but it’s page 30 Newsweek, the date is July 12, 04. 04? uh, Gotta be. Newsweek July 12, page 30 uh has a picture of Colin Powell. This is the article I am particularly interested in.
Colin Powell is an important person in American history and its important that I, we ALL read this article of him an what he has to say. Thank you very much for anything you can do to have an extra copy of Newsweek of that date of July 12, 04 to Sophie Klakston 1249 Conway Dr. Redland CA, 383-9898. Thank you for calling back.
I continue to be a devoted member & patron of the library.
…Thank you very much for your efforts.

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