My Blood Pressure

...must be sky high...
This man came in, asked for a one time use number, and I gave him one. A few minutes later he complained that his computer shut itself off [highly unlikely]. I gave him a new one time use number and explained that they can only be used one time, hence the name.

A few minutes later, he complained again that he couldn't get on, so I typed the number in myself and got the standard message "a one time use number can only be used for one booking" or whatever it says. I asked him if he had already logged on with it & he said yes, so I told him again, they can only be used one time, and he acted like that was the dumbest thing he had ever heard. I said, "Well that's the way it works for people without a library card" and printed him a third one time use number. This time I stood over him while he logged on to make sure he didn't screw it up again.

I asked him if he needed to use the internet.

"No, Yahoo."

"That IS the internet" was my uncharitable reply.

"Well how do you get there?"

"You have to type it in the address bar" [which I did with stomping fingers.] What a lamewad. Ignorance is annoying, but ignorance combined with peevishness is intolerable.

You are a self important twit who seems to love to belittle others in order to artificially boost your own low self esteem. Just an observation.
Thank you. Duly noted.
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