Working the reference desk at the library today we got a message on the phone. The call back number the lady left turned out to be the library's number. She also left her name, and we were able to find her number in our patron database & give her a call back.

My conversation with her went something like this:

me: Hi! this is Stephanie from the N*** Library returning your call.
Sonia: Hi I just heard on the Charlie Rose show about a number for world peace.
me: you would like for me to help you find a phone number?
S: It's for world peace. you know that guy is on at noon every day.
me: [thinking: never heard of the dude, but whatever] OK, I have his webpage pulled up. It says Brad Pitt was on the show today
S: who?
me: Brad Pitt
S: who?
S: who?
S: oh, I don't know who that is. But there was a number for world peace and I thought the library should know. She should know.
me: she who?
S: She should know. The library.
me: This is the library.
S: I mean, everybody wants world peace, right?
me: [FINALLY catching on that I was dealing with someone who was missing a few marbles] OK, thank you for calling. We'll look into it. Bye.

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